Tierra Whack Just Needs 15 Minutes of Your Time…

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Tierra Whack’s “Whack World” is the punk rock ( in song length), quiet storm fever dream (in sound), kitchen sink demented ( the visuals) album of the year, which is to say holy lord, there is nothing even remotely like it. There are 15 one minute songs. Each song has it’s own video. Each video possesses it’s own singular thematic weirdness. You will see and hear Lonely Tierra, Lovesick Tierra, Diva Tierra, and Dead Tierra amongst others. It features sock puppets, an Uno deck house of cards, terrifying fried food at midnight with losers, a cable tv repairman and a grapefruit. Tierra says “When I was sick ain’t nobody go to CVS”, “Wish you had a remote just to control me”, “Music is in my Billie Jeans” and “I wrote this cuz I feel ten feet tall”. She’s being modest: Tierra, you are 100 feet tall.

Watch the brilliant insanity here :

Fog Lake “California”

A sunken hearted Nilsson/ Sparklehorse-esque pop piano ballad of beautiful resignation, getting left behind, and acknowledging the inevitable even if you can’t quite accept it, “California” is a timeless wonder with one of those absolutely perfect closing lines: “Some things never end up like you thought”. Yes.

Weekly New Wonders Playlist !


Know what, there was some very, very pretty music kicked out over the past week and so this week’s playlist is a little lengthy to accommodate the myriad of foxy ass things that appeared…and with that here is the Weekly New Wonders playlist. As usual some tracks are only on Soundcloud and some are only on Spotify so go both ways if you don’t want to miss anything.

Soundcloud Playlist:

Spotify Playlist link:





The Guest List…with Cherophobiac

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Welcome to our newest blog addition, The Guest List, featuring playlists made by artists responsible for some of our favorite music this year, spotlighting the tracks that have inspired, crushed, and sustained them. Our latest playlist is from Alexandra Sullivan aka Cherophobiac who released one of THE BEST ALBUMS OF 2018 thus far,”Surgery”. Take it away girl…

“Hello World!
I’ve created a playlist for you called ‘d e s t r o y e r’ – and it’s full of songs that kill me/break my heart/offer me catharsis… and, generally, destroy me (in a good way!). I’ve worn these songs out listening to each of them over and over again, and they still remain the songs that make me feel the most. I tried to order them in a way that cycles through different layers of ‘destruction’ (and that sounded good to me).
Some songs from the playlist that are particularly close to my heart as I write this: ‘Erica Western Teleport’ by Emperor X (it has been for about three years), ‘Saturday Come Slow’ by Massive Attack (“Do you love me?”), ‘Over The Ocean’ by Here We Go Magic (the album that this song comes from, ‘A Different Ship,’ is probably my favorite album to date), ‘Siren Song’ by Bat For Lashes (this song is just about my definition of a ‘destroyer’), and ‘Advice’ by (Sandy) Alex G (it took me about two weeks to decide whether to include ‘Advice’ or ‘Change’ from his album ‘Trick’…)
I hope that you enjoy all of these songs as much as I do, and I hope that they destroy you as much as they destroy me.”
Here’s the playlist ! :
And here is the aforementioned album “Surgery”. Encourage you to check it out because honestly it’s pretty special.



Astronauts, etc. “The Border”

Now for something to take us all higher, a song of no fixed time or space ( could be 1978, or 1987 or 2001 or now). “The Border” oozes otherworldly wonder, featuring a warm yet mannered vocal ( think The Beloved) and plush melody ( think Hooverphonic ) topped with an ascending violin line so exquisite that it may inspire some involuntary swooning. Yes, it’s a beauty. And if you dig this and feel like some more organic space music after you’ve played it 100x, go have a listen to “You’re Not Alone”, the 1978 album by the late guitar genius Roy Buchanan wherein the blues based virtuoso goes all spaced out and synthy and confused in a not dissimilar feeling vein, link below.


Coral Pink “Daydream”

Like a piece of candy that’s been soaking in a a barrel of vodka, the tuneful “Daydream” is a woozy, pretty confection featuring some memorable carnivalesque keyboard flourishes in it’s dizzy body and is reminiscent of some of Ariel Pink’s more embraceable moments.

The Feens “Slip Away”

“Slip Away” is a panicked, and anxious marriage of britpop and power pop, both a little Ash, and a little Cheap Trick, and employs the classic model of deceptively cheery melody/ bad news lyrics. It’s a simple and compact anthem, sticky as hell and pretty damn cool.

Mama Kokomo “Primavera Feel”

While there is an undeniable air of Cocteau Twins about this ( always a welcome thing), this also brought to mind this antique instrumental off Paul McCartney’s homespun, and first, self titled solo album, “Hot As Sun”. “Primavera Feel” is basically the melodic equivalent of shafts of light spilling through the trees on a sunny afternoon. It’s gauzy, and fat, and really, really handsome.

The Guest List…with Mute Choir


Welcome to our newest blog addition, The Guest List featuring playlists made by artists responsible for some of our favorite music this year, spotlighting the tracks that have inspired, crushed, and sustained them. Our latest playlist is from heavenly popmeister  Mute Choir , take it away Sam :

“Most of the music I love and am inspired by consists of one of two elements: raw honest great songwriting, and exploration and experimentation within the music that pushes the envelope. As a songwriter and a producer these are generally what really catches me. Every song and artist in this playlist to me contains either one or both of those traits.”

Here’s the Playlist ! :

And please take a listen below to the latest, lustrous offering from Mute Choir, “Minefield”…and hey, as an added bonus, reposting one of our faves,”Behind the Bars”  because it’s just such a beauty :

Weekly New Wonders Playlist !


Here’s some real heart medicine, the latest in soul squeezing, daydream soundtracking, fever inducing pop songs for your every need…in other words, it’s time for the Weekly New Wonders Playlist. You know the drill: you can listen on Soundcloud or Spotify but note that there are actually 5 tracks only available on the former at the moment ! And they are awesome so if you are a strict Spotify-Head, please cave this week and check out the Soundcloud too ! Dig in my people…

Listen on Soundcloud :

Listen on Spotify :