Weekly New Wonders Playlist #2 of 2023

There were a lot of words spilled about David Crosby after his recent passing. So many that even though I’m a fan, I decided not to write anything about him as the worldwide remembrance pile was already overflowing. But here we are, weeks later and I’m officially caving in. I confess that I didn’t fully appreciate ornery, angel-voiced Croz until a decade into the 21st century. At that point, for reasons I cannot recollect, I became maniacally obsessed with his discography, in all its iterations, especially the solo stuff. I then did what crazy music nerds do and embarked on some relentless collecting, buying dozens of live bootleg cds from one of those predictably weird online blokes who sold rare, unreleased stuff. My favored illegal entrepreneur would also include bizarre, overly-friendly notes on post-its inside the CDS I ordered. The CDS themselves were nerdily-titled things that only demented hardcore nuts would be remotely interested in, shit with titles like “Rarities Volume 1” and “Live at Rockefeller’s ’87” (all wondrous though, I’m tellin’ you). He’d also throw in stuff I hadn’t asked for, which is how I ended up with a lot of odd Neil Young compilations that sounded as if they were recorded from the inside of a knapsack. I remain grateful to weird-bootleg cd-bloke (whoever he was/wherever he is), my musical drug supplier for feeding my then insatiable need. The songs and sounds of Croz emanating from these goofy CDs singlehandedly roped me in and calmed my soul at a time when I was feeling pretty damn crazy ( and they still do, when I’m in need). Croz = Genius.

And with that, it’s time for the latest WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST featuring the finest new tracks we’ve heard over recent days. Again, as it is so early in the year, and releases are only just getting rolling, the playlist is pretty short. That is no reflection on the selection i.e. these songs are all lethally beautiful-handsome and would’ve made the cut any time of year. You can listen on Soundcloud or Spotify below.

Also want to shout out Permanent Damage, the latest album by Joesef (two songs of which are featured in the playlist). It is melodic, lush, and endlessly lovely, and has already won January as far as albums go (for me at least). You can check that out here.

Listen on Soundcloud

Listen on Spotify

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