Creem baby!

When I was a kid Creem was my favorite magazine. It was full of cool pictures of dirty rock stars, bad words, and articles I mostly couldn’t understand ( a ten-year-old Long Island girl is not going to get Lester Bangs). I loved it. I loved it so much that after I was finished reading it each month, I would detach its front covers and fold them into book covers for my school textbooks. I always had to have some Creem ( also I thought it would make nerd me seem cooler. Didn’t).

Creem relaunched this month and l have actually written a story for them. If you would have told me as a child that I would someday write something for Creem, I would have said you were sniffin’ glue and that my future job was going to be drawing album covers dammit. But holy hell here we are! And so please head to the totally wonderful, funny, and fearless Creem site to read some tragic anecdotes dredged up from my years of record store employment. Starring Johnny Thunders and my incredible gift for self-sabotage!

Check it out here:

Boy Howdy y’all 😉

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