Weekly New Wonders Playlist #16 of 2022

Just a quick one this week if that’s okay! We have been working day and night on a forthcoming discographic deep dive (!) on a legendary artist (you’ll see!) and so have been devoting all attention in that direction ( coming this very month!). And, AND, there is a forthcoming monster-sized piece coming on musical website Cover Me for someone’s birthday later this week which I will alert y’all to once it’s posted ( it’s massive and also freakin’ nuts). But enough excuses, please enjoy the latest installment of the WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST featuring the finest new music that has crossed our path this week. This week has blessed us with a lot of tuneful, tear-jerking, lush, heart-squeezing anthems for driving and/or walking away from things. Don’t look back, a new day’s breaking…

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