Weekly New Wonders Playlist #13 of 2021!

It was Vincent Van Gogh’s 168th birthday last week (!) and so there were a lot of news stories about the two touring virtual shows of his work. Both feature massive wall projections of paintings and are going for that complete physical immersion thing. The actual painting of “Starry Night” lives at MOMA in NYC. It is surprisingly unassuming in person being only 2′ 5″ x 3′ 0″ in size. But it’s also a superstar with a full time guard keeping an eye on it as endless “Starry” fans/stans take turns standing reverently before it and communing.

I took the pic above about 10 years ago at MOMA, of this couple spending a minute with “Starry”. Just before I took it, the companion of the woman in the wheelchair had pushed her up next to it and taken a photo of her smiling alongside it. She was ecstatic. Her companion then took her to view it from the front where she stared at it for a few minutes with complete, unabashed love. It was beyond moving and nearly made my heart explode (okay, I almost cried but held on and thankfully spared everyone). To this day, whenever I hear Van Gogh’s name, this is the first thing that pops in my head. Right, I hope you are feeling as misty as me right now.

Speaking of gorgeous and heart-squeezing art, it’s time for the latest WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST featuring the best new music that crossed our path this week. It was a very plush, lush, neon lit, glow pop kind of week. Come get immersed below…

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