Weekly New Wonders Playlist # 12 of 2021 !

While I wasn’t ever an ’80s glam-hair-pop metal hater, I was definitely never a fan. There’s only one song from the era I could say I ever spent genuine quality time with; the windblown, overwrought, mountainous power ballad “Don’t Close Your Eyes” by Kix which is slathered in all kinds of genius (watch here). “Don’t close your eye-eee-eyes!”. Anyway, I was one of those elitist new wave people back in the day (ugh) and could not have been less interested in the rest. Yet here I am immersing myself in the new book “Nöthin’ But a Good Time: The Uncensored History of the ’80s Hard Rock Explosion” by Tom Beaujour and Richard Bienstock. It features all the usual suspects including Mötley C, Poison, Ratt, Quiet Riot and yes a fair number of triumphantly offensive incidents are recounted (I’m 100% here for that). What’s weird is that it hasn’t made me want to listen to or revisit the actual music (though, okay, I like to watch the Mötley video for “Home Sweet Home” at least once a year just because). Still, I’m only halfway through the book so I suppose there’s still a glimmer of hope. “Don’t close your eye-eee-eyes!”

Welcome to the latest WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST featuring the finest new songs that have crossed our path over recent days. I know every week I say the songs within it are amazingly, heart-squeezingly good but I especially mean it this week. They are all surely occupying the # 1 spot in another galaxy. Listen below on Soundcloud or Spotify.

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