Weekly New Wonders Playlist # 25 !

hopeslide ozzy

Here’s another suburban hometown childhood pic I took 10,000 years ago i.e. in the early ’80s. SABBATH. OZZY. SMOKE DOPE. PCP. BOBBY+BARBRA. TRACY WAS HERE. You can tell the wall artists had a really good time exulting all the stuff that most pissed off & terrified the adult population ( like Bobby himself  I’m guessing). Anyway, I’ll never get tired of looking at this & just wanted offer eternal belated thanks to the Dirtbag Picasso(s) responsible for it wherever they are in this life right now.

And now it’s time for the latest WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST showcasing the absolute finest songs we’ve heard in recent days. I have to add that we were positively BLESSED this week as there were an astounding number of brilliantly wonderful songs that crossed our path. Seriously. It doesn’t happen that often ! And so special thanks to all the beautiful Musical Dirtbags responsible from this Dirtbag here. You’re all at #1.

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