Weekly New Wonders Playlist # 23 !

hopeslide mom85

Wanted to post one more Mom pic in honor of her 80th b-day last week. This one above dates back to a time in the ’80s when I was completely infatuated with photography & would regularly coerce she & my brother into posing for me. But because of my innate teen weirdness most of the pictures look like this one you see above. See I was obsessed with Hipgnosis, the designers behind all those classic Pink Floyd album covers & wanted to be part of their team ( obviously they needed a nerdy suburban teenage girl with “progressive” ideas). And so I looked at the world as if it were an immense album cover, gatefold sleeves & all. All that remains of the dream are nonsensical pics like this that wish they were “Atom Heart Mother” or “Houses of the Holy” but aren’t. Still, it’s cool to have captured Mom serving up her best ‘spectral queen on her way to a sacrifice’ pose for eternity. Okay enough sentimental reminiscence & onto NEW MUSIC ( Happy 80th Mom) !

It’s time for the latest WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST, featuring the absolute finest songs we’ve heard over recent days. All beautiful, enveloping & plush, all #1’s in a better alternate universe. Listen below & sail away…

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