Weekly New Wonders Playlist # 2 of 2020 !


January 19 marked what would have been the legendary, they only made one of her, Janis Joplin’s 77th birthday & it’s already the 20th as I write this so I’m technically “late” in mentioning it. And main reason I’m bringing it up is so I can recommend this completely freakin’ amazing new book about her life, “Janis: Her Life and Music” by Holly George-Warren. You don’t need to be a hardcore fan of her music to get into it, the  story alone is at once fascinating, frustrating, triumphant & tragic ( and who knows maybe reading it will pique your interest about her music). As a nerd who reads loads of music related books, believe me when I tell you they are not created equal & this is a good one. Okay, have to go off on a tangent for a second to talk about one of the key music book sub-genres, the rock star memoir. Unfortunately most follow the same formula which is basically 100 pages of debauchery followed by 200 pages about taking the twins to school, cooking vegan feasts & daily one on one martial arts training sessions with an esteemed master guru. Plus some stuff about how the new music the author is making is the best they’ve ever done. And yeah it’s awesome that everything’s worked out but it generally makes for a terrible read. Sorry about that, just had to get it out of my system. Anyway, the Janis book is obviously something else & it’s awesome & so please check it out !

And now back to our regular programming ! Please head to the blog (link in bio) for the latest WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST featuring the FINEST NEW MUSIC we’ve heard in recent days. Here’s hoping you’ll find a song or band that warms your heart, ignites grand emotional epiphanies, becomes a shoulder to lean on, inspires you to kick ass in your daily endeavors & gets you through the night.

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