Weekly New Wonders Playlist # 1 of 2020 !


Rush were one of those bands where while we  weren’t exactly friends, we would still acknowledge each other when we passed in the hall. We moved in the same circles ( I liked prog but mostly in its female friendly form which was Phil Collins-era Genesis). They had a song I genuinely loved upon release & still do to this day (“Subdivisions“). I thought their 2010 documentary “Beyond the Lighted Stage” was ridiculously fun, watched it multiple times & still regularly recommend to people, especially those that are wont to say, “I don’t know, I’m not really into Rush” ( by the way, please watch it if you haven’t). I loved how Jason Segal’s character on “Freaks and Geeksworshipped Rush’s virtuosic drummer Neil Peart & spoke of him with a love bordering on obsession. And speaking of Neil, I really dug his 2002 book “Ghost Rider” for it’s sadness & serenity.  Most recently, in early 2019 to be exact, we went through a major Rush phase at work, listening to playlists that lasted the full 8 hour shift for several weeks & resulted in our using the word “Narpets” on a regular basis from that point on. Neil Peart’s death last week was both sad & shocking but what I’m getting at here is that even if you don’t love every Rush song, they are worth getting to know, Neil is worth getting to know. Check out the doc, read one of his books, listen to the wonderful “Subdivisions”, hey even watch some “Freaks and Geeks” because something in there will assuredly penetrate your heart, it definitely did mine.

And with that WELCOME TO OUR FIRST WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST of 2020, featuring the best songs we’ve heard over recent days: they are all BEAUTIFUL ! Listen below on Soundcloud or Spotify:

Listen on Soundcloud:

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