Weekly New Wonders Playlist !

Donny H #3 lighter

That guy in the drawing above is Donny Hathaway (1945-1979), one of the greatest singers ever to walk the planet. I drew it a few years ago in my weird ballpoint pen way because he’s a bit of a hero for me. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about him tonight. If any of you have been watching the depressing, hedonistic, spectacular show Euphoria on HBO over the past few weeks & are anything close to being music nerds, hopefully you have been appreciating the songs they’ve been using to soundtrack things. It’s a mix of old & new & the choices have been exceptionally good. They recently employed Randy Newman’s 1983 gorgeously sad deep cut “Same Girl” in the most tearjerking fashion imaginable & it became pointedly clear at that moment there were fellow music nerds behind the scenes aligning the sounds to the visuals. It’s rare that a show gets this stuff right on a consistent basis, so what’s happening on Euphoria is worth exulting. In the show’s season ending big finale tonight, they used Donny Hathaway’s classic cover of “A Song For You” during a typically emotional scene. I was moved by the scene but also by the fact that this show was exposing Donny & his vocal brilliance to a whole new generation of people. Not to be dramatic, but the thought of a teenager discovering that sound for the first time, maybe crying, maybe wanting to hear it again & explore his other songs, well, it’s just pretty f-ing wonderful. Which leads us here…Wecome to the latest WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST featuring the best, clutch it to your heart pop music of the past week. It’s all about DISCOVERY, always & what’s better than stumbling unexpectedly upon a beautiful song you didn’t know existed until that moment ? If you answered “nothing”, you’re right 🙂

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