Weekly New Wonders Playlist

David-Bowie-paintings-studyThis is a weird and cool painting by David Bowie. I love him dearly but for some reason, until last year, I really wasn’t really familiar with his actual physical artwork. I knew he painted but until I saw the actual physical evidence in person at the masterful Bowie exhibition at NY last year, I had little awareness of how much he actually produced. Seeing the overwhelming volume of drawings, paintings, and storyboards on display was one of the coolest, and oddly most endearing things about the whole event and only served to increase the overwhelming love I have for this guy ( for the record, the polaroids and his personal coke spoon were runners up in the coolest Bowie things I saw there). What I’m getting at is that the latest Weekly New Wonders Playlist is a couple of days late. And all of the above is a roundabout way to say it’s never too late to meet any song ( or piece of art). And so, let me introduce you to a bunch of sweet, new pop songs that are just dying to meet you, right on time.

You can listen on Soundcloud or Spotify below !



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