Back to the Future: Meet The Casual Sexists


The Casual Sexists are a pop band that exist in both the past and the future. They sound like the darkest deepest recesses of Danceteria in NYC in 1982…Like gum chewing teenage girls telling a shop owner to fuck off in London in 1988 after he’s asked them to leave because they are scaring the other customers…Like the love baby of 80’s minimalist classic “Laid Back” by White Horse, Cristina’s “Sleep it Off ” album, The Slits, Shampoo, and “West End Girls”…but they also sound like the future : DIY clever, sticky, and disposable in the best way. What does it all mean ? Well, here’s the lead track off their 2017 “Karakara”ep wherein the duo treat the Police’s “Every Breath You Take” like a total rag doll in the in the second verse, which is the best:

And check out the toy robot, poptastic lead track off their previous ep “Let’s Go to the Beach” in which seagulls, sun, strychnine and Nabokov’s “Lolita” are all present and accounted for. And as a personal aside, this is the kind of song that legendary, late NY radio station WLIR would’ve been all over in it’s 80’s “Screamer of the Week” heyday, for sure, as in, this would’ve been a “Screamer”

There’s more shiny double dutch junk punk where these came from, so encourage you to explore via the band’s site and most especially check out their videos within it, featuring discarded baby dolls, blood, and cats, because they are fab :

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