Weekly New Wonders Playlist #10 of 2023

I don’t mind riding my bike in bad or inhospitable weather ( Because I’m weird? Because I feel I deserve it? Because I get some kind of cheap thrill from my ability to endure shit? Unsure but okay, probably.) It poured steadily all day Saturday but I trooped on up to Central Park anyway. Not only is it exceptionally beautiful in the rain, the inclement weather also tends to thin the ranks of other humans in the park, which I kind of like (I suck). Despite the rain there was, as there always is when the temperature breaks 50 degrees, a shirtless bloke in running shorts showing off doing his laps in the rain. I assume that, like me, he was performing in his own imaginary movie but unlike my daydreamy arse, he didn’t seem to be using a personal sound system to soundtrack his rainswept trotting and wasn’t sporting earbuds or anything. As for me, I need sounds. I need riffage. I need a chorus. I need sanging. And so I carefully curate a new playlist every time I roll around up there. The fourth song in the playlist is crucial as it has to distract me enough to get me up twisty old “Heartbreak Hill” at the top of the park. Usually, I’ll go with one I can pretend I’m playing drums on (I don’t know how to play drums) or that suits the soundtrack of an imaginary doc about the greatest Tour De France ever where I am personally destroying the field during the infamous mountain stage (let a girl dream). But that’s what the magic of a brilliant song can do, get you up that f*ckin’ hill of whatever you wouldn’t be able to scale otherwise (apologies for the extreme mushiness of that sentence but yeah.) And with that, I now present to you the latest WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST featuring the finest new songs that surfaced over the past couple of weeks. They are all so lustrously melodic and gorgeous. I hope at least one helps you get up whatever hill you have to climb this week. Rock on.

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