Weekly New Wonders Playlist #27 of 2022

Ron Darling, Gary Cohen, and Keith Hernandez are the supreme broadcast team of the NY Mets.

If you are not a baseball fan or more specifically a NY Mets fan, you probably won’t know who those three guys up there are. They are the Mets broadcast team of Ron Darling, Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez and are as good as baseball announcers get. Along with great analysis and brutal honesty, they offer something else…or rather Gary Cohen does. He is a music nerd who will occasionally drop in references to his blessed musical nerdiness when he is calling the games. As I am both a music nerd and lifelong Mets fan, I find this to be absolutely f*cking awesome.

Whenever Gary mentions a band or song during a broadcast, I write it down. I started doing it casually about a year ago, but this season I went all in; every time he said something, I logged it on a singular running list (reminder, nerd here). Anyway, I would like to now share the highlights of the finest, most embraceable, and often impressive, musical references Gary Cohen offered during the Mets 2022 season:

Welcome to NY Mets Announcer Gary Cohen’s Top In-Game Musical References: 2022 Edition otherwise known as THERE’S A MUSIC NERD IN THE BOOTH. Here they are in chronological order:

1May 18: Gary quotes from Public Image Ltd’s “Rise“, and sings its key line “Anger is an energy”. He then turns to Keith (non-music nerd) and says “Keith you don’t remember Public Image Ltd” (because of course he doesn’t).

2May 31: Gary mentions that he saw The Clash at the Palladium and then states that Joe Strummer “was a visionary”. He also found time to mention the Mudd Club, Danceteria, and The Ramones along the way.

3June 5: Gary quotes a line from Olivia Newton-John’s “Please Mr.Please” in response to a Keith anecdote and says “don’t play B-17”.

4July 2: Gary calls Martha & the Vandellas “one of the most underrated groups of the sixties” (true), mentions Phil Spector’s ‘Wall of Sound” and later drops the fact that Mary Hopkin’s evergreen 1971 classic “Those Were The Days” was produced by Paul McCartney.

5July 4: Gary celebrates the band X on independence day by quoting the eponymous song and tipping his hat to the legends: “Hey baby, it’s the 4th of July“, in the immortal words of John Doe and Exene Cervenka”

6July 8: Gary quotes the Mountain’s 1970 sludge-rock classic “Missississippi Queen” and says “Mississippi queen, you know what I mean”. He then mentions band leader Leslie West. It didn’t stop there. Both the song and West got namechecks on 8/4 and again on 8/17 ( by Gary AND Ron). The booth is weirdly obsessed with Mountain, West, and “Mississippi Queen”.

7July 11: Gary mentioned the time when a New York Times article allegedly referred to Meatloaf as “Mr.Loaf“.

8August 3: In reference to Mets slugger Pete Alonso hitting his 88th RBI, Gary quotes the trashy former #1 song from 1988 “Wild Wild West” by The Escape Club and offers up a bit of the chorus; “Heading for the nineties, Living in the wild, wild west”.

9August 5: Gary mentions The Monkees deep cut and cult classic “Gonna Buy Me a Dog“.

10August 15: In regards to the then pending anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death, Gary offered this little nugget: “Elvis left this mortal coil…in the sitting position I believe”.

11August 30: Gary salutes The Temptations “Papa Was A Rolling Stone“‘ and sings “It was the third of September, that day I’ll always remember”

12September 7: Gary says he likes ska and most specifically, loves Madness , who of course, Keith has never ever heard of. He also mentions that he listens to Little Steven’s radio show, “Underground Garage“.

13September 11: Gary sings a line from Cake’s “Never There“: “You’re never there, You’re never ever, ever, ever, there”.

I still can’t believe he quoted freakin’ “Rise” during a freakin’ Met game, I mean what the holy hell?! Brilliant. Gary Cohen rules.

Okay, now to our regularly scheduled programming! It is time for the latest WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST featuring the finest new songs that have crossed our path this week. There’s a gorgeous retro feel to this week’s bunch and they are all superfoxybeautiful. Listen below on Soundcloud OR Spotify!

P.S. And thanks for indulging me today non-baseball/strictly music nerds and PuR friends. You won’t have to read anything like this again until next October, swear 😉

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  1. October 10, 2022 at 1:45 pm

    Love this one! 😀 Condolences on the Mets.


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