Weekly New Wonders Playlist #26 of 2022

I’m not sure what Pinterest is for but I kinda like it. It seems very quaint compared to the manic “look at me!” vibe that Instagram, TikTok, and others tend to showcase. Pinterest, with its collections of photos of basically everything in existence, is more of a porch swing sittin’, cold drink swiggin’, old lady scrapbookin’ kind of experience. Its pace is “old dog on a hot day” slow. A few months ago we wrote a big piece breaking down the entire Genesis discography (see here). I had wanted to include this wonderfully homoerotic pic I found on Pinterest of Genesis’s Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford wearing matching jackets, blue eyes, and beards and looking every inch like the late ’70s bear-boyfriends they were not in real life. Alas, I found it impossible to justify including in an essay meant to talk solely about Genesis albums and their contents. I mean, there was no godly reason to include it other than the fact I myself found it to be amusingly suggestive and weirdly hot. Hell, I still do, thus I am including it with today’s WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST because I can’t stand to see it go to waste any longer.

And with that, may I now offer you the latest WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST featuring the absolute finest songs that have crossed our path over recent days. There is a lustrous, epic, and oddly ’90s feeling about this week’s bunch, and dammit, are they good. Listen below on Soundcloud or Spotify. Turn it on again…

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