Weekly New Wonders Playlist #12 of 2022

Last week I was sitting on my bike in Central Park in my usual spot making a playlist (nerd) when I heard some rustling next to me. When I turned to see what it was, I saw this lady in the picture above, foraging in broad daylight. To be honest it scared me for a second as I wasn’t sure if she was going to climb over the fence. Last year a brazenly bold squirrel hopped this same fence and planted himself on my bike tire, then stared me down hoping to will some snacks out of me, so you never know with these NYC creatures. Anyway, lady raccoon stuck to her guns, digging and ignoring both me and the mounting chaos around her. Yeah, it wasn’t long before everyone took notice of this daring daytime raccoon cameo and swarmed to the spot to take pix. Okay, I took pix too, but look, I was already sitting there so uh, yeah. I worry about animals in the city, even ones with bad reputations like raccoons, and so here’s hoping she’s doing okay.

Right enough raccooning, it’s time for the WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST featuring the finest songs that have crossed our path over recent days. It’s two weeks’ worth and so is overflowing with awesome fabulousness. Subtle f*ck you anthems, lustrous hook-filled heartbreakers, and sundown twangers await you below. Raccoon On…

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