Weekly New Wonders Playlist #4 of 2021 !

I did a bit of blog house cleaning this week (understatement). I added more descriptive Topics, deleted vague/redundant ones and then moved posts under their correct umbrellas. I fixed and/or deleted broken links and tried make things look more consistent. I desperately attempted to correct the avalanche of incorrect punctuation and grammar that I’ve allowed to run wild on the site (uh, that’s an ongoing project). In a couple of cases I edited some poorly expressed emotions. Basically I just tried to make it easier and more intuitive to navigate PuR in all its unbridled insanity/hyperbole. It is by no means perfect…but I hope it’s at least a few centimeters better.

Every week I post the WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST on Soundcloud and Spotify so you have a choice. But since I’m in clean up mode, there are a couple of factoids regarding each service I just wanted to make you aware of:

All the WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLISTS in the history of PuR (!!!), dating back to 2017, are available on my Soundcloud page if you ever want trawl through the pop history ( I 100% approve of such crazy behavior). Just click on the new playlist below to get to the page.

And just a note that the old WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLISTS are not archived on Spotify, only on the aforementioned Soundcloud. Things can get cluttered on Spotify so it’s easier to just keep reusing the same template each week.

If you want to read additional hyperbolic scribbles from me, I also write stuff for Cover Me, the home for everything in the cover version universe. There you will find news, features and a bunch of awesomely talented writers who make me sound even more amateurish than I do here on PuR. I attached a link on the homepage under “blogroll” or you can use the link here)! If you’ve ever wondered why I f-ing curse so f-ing much here on f-ing PuR it’s because I’m not allowed to do that kind of thing on Cover Me which is definitely for the best.

Hey, HEY wake up we’re finally here!

Welcome to the latest WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST starring the finest new songs we’ve heard over recent days. They are all as lustrous and beautiful as a sky full of both stars and fireflies. Listen below with love…

Listen on Soundcloud

Listen on Spotify

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