Weekly New Wonders Playlist # 31 !

hopeslide one hour photo

My very first job was at a one hour photo lab. I took the pic above of the back side of the shop during a lunch break one day. The median age of the staff was 18 which was no doubt a cost cutting strategy as the owners could get away with paying us nearly nothing. Based on those 2 facts it should come as no surprise to know we behaved in a very, very unprofessional manner. There was of course a tacit agreement when a customer brought in a roll of film that no matter what type of pictures were contained within it, we would happily develop & print them with no judgement. Even if they were of the “Adults Only” variety. Unfortunately when a bunch of teenagers are confronted with photos of naked strangers all bets are off…which is to say that when anything remotely porn-like appeared on a roll a film, an additional copy of the photo was printed & then hung on a wall in the darkroom. It wasn’t long before there were hundreds of pix on this wall. In my defense, because I was a total nerd I was solely interested in making copies of people’s concert pictures ( oh my God it’s Bryan Ferry !) & stealing ( also bad) rolls of film for my own photographic pursuits (see pic above). It’s truly a case of you get what you pay for. And it’s clear, horny teenagers will work for cheap. And so even though the pseudo-arty pic above seems harmless, all I can think of when I look at is the sinister teenage kicks that were going on behind those windows.

Anyway, it’s time for the latest WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST featuring the absolute finest pop music that came our way over recent days. There was a ton of handsome stuff this week & you can check it all out below on Soundcloud or Spotify. Rock on…

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