Weekly New Wonders Playlist # 21 !


Under normal circumstances we would be at what is considered the halfway point of the year. Even though all demarcation points & terms of measurement are now officially irrelevant & we are operating one day at a time, we’re gonna follow the lead of other music blog friends & mention some of the finer albums we’ve heard this hellacious year. The albums depicted above each provided something different & have served as perfect salves, ideal distractions & best friends during this mess of 2020.

Owen Pallett: Island

Bibio: Sleep On The Wing

Tenille Townes: The Lemonade Stand

They are melodic medicine & I’m glad they exist. Links are attached below if you want to check ’em out !

And now back to the regular programming which is to say welcome to the latest WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST featuring the finest songs we’ve heard in recent days ! You can listen below on Soundcloud or Spotify.

I bow with a flower to all these artists for these brilliant songs that are all currently # 1 in a better universe.

Listen on Soundcloud:

Listen on Spotify:

3 Fine & Fave Albums of 2020:

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