Weekly New Wonders Playlist # 6


Here’s something peaceful I drew to stare at, to help counteract this most un-peaceful week ( that ballpoint pen thing above). When you’re a kid, your room can feel like a private little universe, a secret haven & there’s something really comforting in that. Being surrounded by books ( or records !), having a place to go dream. As a kid I completely craved a room with a forest growing in it like Max in the ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ but I’m guessing most kids did right 🙂 ? Yeah, you see where I’m going with this, silver lining & all that shiz, but enough sentimentality, let’s talk about some lustrous pop music…
Welcome to the WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST featuring the latest & greatest new songs from recent days ! For added encouragement I’ve included MINI REVIEWS of each song BELOW ( it goes band name, then review) which are hopefully are convincing enough to persuade you to listen..but you should just listen anyway because your new favorite song or band may very well be in there waiting for you.

1-Talker: closing credit worth beauty

2-Fortnight in Florida: warm ’80s synth sundown

3-LPX: in your freakin’ face

4-stmartiins: sweet synthy twang

5-PLANET: big sad spaceboy anthem

6-Bryde : when Liz P went pop

7-Eliza Shaddad: gorgeously making 1995 sound new

8-The Jensens: plush tuneful pillow

9-Richard Frenneux: chugging ’80s pop sugar

10-GUM: wandering, wistful & spacey

11-Orion Sun: regal soul sadness

12-The Satellite Station: floating & wanting

13-Nick Murphy: otherworldly prayer

14-Michael Baker: light as air

15-Capital Soirée: dancing in the dark

16-Animal Ghosts: melodic gauzy shoegazing

17-Snarls: fat riffing & thinking

18-Caitlyn Smith: goodbye hometown country pop


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