Weekly New Wonders Playlist !


“Music In A Mellow Mood” is a 4 LP set from 1969. Despite the fact that it’s been living in my house for several years, I have never listened to it. I found it in a box on the curb outside this record store that was closing down, which means it was my equivalent of an abandoned puppy. I couldn’t heartlessly leave it there, ignored, unloved and vulnerable to the elements. And so here it lives, leaning against a shelf, being especially mellow since it doesn’t ever come anywhere near the turntable. I’m never motivated enough to actually play it. I sometimes find myself staring it for no apparent reason. In the game of life, it’s clearly won.

The latest WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST is a big one. It is in fact TWO WHOLE WEEKS worth of amazing new music. It doesn’t feature as many songs as “Music In A Mellow Mood” but it does have a few of the same attributes in that it is Pleasure Programmed ™, parts of it are hypnotically mellow and some of the songs are about love being blue. But seriously, there are some real beauties in here this week, we hope you find something to steal your heart…

Listen on Soundcloud:

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