Weekly New Wonders Playlist !


I was in Cape Canaveral, Florida last week and that pic above is what things were looking like then, calm and serene. My family lives there these days and frankly the impending hurricane, Dorian, has been ever present in my mind and causing a lot of worry. Of course there’s been a lot of bad news on the planet over the past few days beyond that, so much that it can feel like there is no reason to be joyful or celebratory…but yes, we’ve got this music stuff. And these songs, well, they’re just here and that’s enough. And with that here’s the best new music of recent days otherwise known as the WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST.

Listen on Soundcloud:

AND there have been several pretty fine albums kicked out over the past week especially those by Orchin , Kris Kelly, and Shura. I’ve attached links below so please check them out, as they are all in possession of beautiful things. Here are the links, dig in ! :


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