Magpie Blue “Haunted”

Taylor Swift has a song called “Haunted” as does Beyonce. Neither of them is as good as this. Seriously. Neither of them mention being gaslighted for one thing, and both are ridiculously overwrought and self-conscious. Within this “Haunted”, Magpie Blue’s assertively handsome vocal, which lies somewhere between Siouxsie and Polly Harvey, is a locomotive i.e. it never stops. Elongated notes stretch like an elastic band through the entirety of the song and provide the foundation for an off kilter, twangingly upbeat guitar line and one truly fine hook. And hey check out her single from a couple months back, “Just In Time” below, an anxious piece of post punk with yet another stellar vocal. The way she spits out “you fucking coward”is everything.


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