Weekly New Wonders Playlist

Screenshot 2019-03-31 01.20.37

Here we see Stevie Nicks in Fleetwood Mac’s 100% stone cold classic video for “Gypsy” smirking in a mind bending-ly fetching manner. The video is full of signature Stevie moments but this moment is # 1. It wins by the tiniest of margins over the part where she runs out of the nightclub into the rain in her giant boots and wails ” enough for me to love, enough to looovvvve“. Plus there is some classic Stevie-twirling™ which is basically the equivalent of God smiling on us all. If ever you are feeling rubbish about the universe, watching this romantic, silly, and perfect video will get you out of that head for at least 5 minutes. And of course the song itself is brilliant.

We haven’t posted a Weekly New Wonders Playlist for a couple of weeks ( absolutely disgraceful, I swear I’ll be more on top of this in the future). The end result of this is that the playlist you see before contains the BEST new music from the past few weeks as opposed to just last week. And so it is a bit larger than usual. But let’s look at it in a half full way: you can listen to it on a long journey and potentially not hear the same wonderful song twice. Here’s hoping at least one of these songs inspires you to dramatically run out of wherever you are in your enormous platform boots, into the rain and wail with everything you’ve got. And with that, please enjoy this overfed love monster.

*You can listen on Soundcloud OR Spotify but please note lists are slightly different  as not all songs are available on both services ( just a few), so check out both if you are a completist and don’t want to miss anything !

P.S. Bruce Springsteen’s new album, “Western Stars”, was also released this week and is really good, completely worth spending time with so add that to your listening list too !

Listen on Soundcloud:

Listen on Spotify:


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