Dan D’Lion “Dislocate”

Robert Palmer, the late, suave UK singer of resonant and elastic voice was bit of a Jekyll & Hyde when it came to his recorded output. Prior to his mega trashy and garish hit “Addicted to Love” he straddled the line between several genres, never landing completely on one in particular. He went from funky New Orleans Soul, to Pub Rock and then in 1980 took a peculiar left turn into an intriguing brand of electronic pop music (even going so far as to collaborate with Gary Numan, one of the true fathers of the genre). Tracks like “Johnny and Mary”, and “I Dream of Wires” from this electro period still sound as weird, and memorable as they did the day they were thrust into the world. Which brings us to Dan D’Lion’s spacey and gorgeous “Dislocate”. There are distinct traces of the aforementioned Palmer’s electro side as well as the tunefulness of early The-Dream within it…but make no mistake, Dan is his own man and this is as distinct and wonderfully insidious as any pop thing this year.


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