Weekly New Wonders Playlist !

Screenshot 2019-03-13 00.15.49

The video from which the screenshot above is taken, Billy Squier’s “Rock Me Tonite” circa 1984, is said to have singlehandedly killed his career ( especially according to Billy). Up until the point this video was released, he was something of a cool AOR rock god loved by girls and boys alike. The song itself was the biggest hit of his career and frankly, it still rules to this day. The “problem” revolved around Billy’s dance moves on display within the video which were seen as embarrassingly fey or inept or both depending on how cruel you were and the fact that he literally pranced, not danced, in a most brazen, uninhibited fashion. Full on hardcore, in your face prancing. It’s ridiculous, maybe even cringeworthy but it’s also totally lovable, I mean, I love it and it only enhanced Billy’s spirit in my eyes. Which is to say you can trust me to be brutally honest about everything here with no fear and tell you that this weeks latest Weekly New Wonders are all beautiful, wonderful and otherworldly pop songs. You can listen on Soundcloud or Spotify below. Rock me tonite.




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