Yola Is Coming For Us All…

Did you watch that video ? Pretty great right ? It’s unquestionably the best burying the past and who you were and rising up with the breeze anthem you’re gonna hear this year.
No one is doing what Yola is doing right now. Creating songs in this particular style, with these kind of vocals, that are this innately melodic. It’s true. Now Yola’s songs have a lot of ingredients in their make up. They are an amalgamation of straight up vintage 70’s country pop ( Dolly, Dottie West, Tanya Tucker), classic Laurel Canyon song craft and feeling ( Eagles, Byrds, Carole King, Ronstadt), and Stax-ian power ( Judy Clay), with a dollop of the warmest of early seventies soul (Gladys Knight, Roberta Flack ). They’re all in there, but why does what Yola’s doing here stand out and rise above the rest right now ? Yes, her grand, heart-squeezing widescreen voice is amazing, but at the end of the day, these are just damn good songs, plain and simple.
3 tracks have been released from her forthcoming album “Walk Through Fire” thus far ( out 2/22 and produced by Dan Auerbach ), all distinctly different in sound with not a weak link among them. Listen below to “Faraway Look”,  a truly Righteous Sister of a song and “Love All Night (Work All Day)”, which was undoubtedly a # 1 country song in 1975 in an alternate universe. Wow.




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