Weekly New Wonders Playlist !


We are working hard over here to put together our BEST SONGS OF THE YEAR PLAYLIST but that won’t get in the way of calling out the latest and greatest in new stuff…okay that is a lie, it totally did which is why there hasn’t been a Weekly New Wonders Playlist for the past couple of weeks. As a result this one here is pretty overfed and so it may require both the commute to and from work, and/or the entire wash and dry cycle to listen to in it’s entirety…but I swear it’s worth it as features some exceptional pop music, promise. And with that here it is…you can listen on Spotify or Soundcloud and please note, lists are slightly different as not all songs are available on each service, so take a peek at both so you don’t miss anything.

Soundcloud is here :

Spotify is here:


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