Month: December 2018

Weekly New Wonders Playlist !


This is the last Weekly New Wonders Playlist of 2018. A final handful to run over the credits…and then we’ll start again next week with the first gang of what’ll probably be hundreds of super fine songs that’ll be launched into the world in 2019. Am I allowed to say these are especially handsome because they totally are. Onward…

p.s. you can listen on Spotify or Soundcloud but please note there is one song that is only on Soundcloud as of this writing ( and it’s worth hearing) !

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MorMor “Pass The Hours”

“Pass the Hours” glides seamlessly across the horizon, anchored by a fat, almost New Order-y bass line, and is lifted skyward by one heavenly ass falsetto on the chorus. It’s all very swoon- worthy. My age’ll show here but I can hear the ghost vibe of brilliant eighties UK soulsters Imagination lurking within this as well which is an undeniably rare and lovely thing.

Brandon Hoogenboom “Habit”

Brandon Hoogenboom’s main gig is as a member of tuneful and sweet band, Set Sail, but he’s now ventured out into the solo universe and sounds ridiculously good doing it. “Habit” is a heavy, string laden futuristic marriage of late sixties Beach Boys and Raspberries front man Eric Carmen’s solo seventies era sound, features some lush harmonizing, and a coda of fat crying guitar and is seriously kind of gorgeous.

PuR’s Top Songs of 2018!

Thousands of songs were released into the world this year. Here are our 66 favorites.


I know what you’re thinking. Oh no, not another one. The barrage of “Best of the Year” lists is making you sick. You think they are boring and are all filled with the same predictable choices. And… I see your point. You’d think with the thousands upon thousands of songs that get released every year there would be more variation. And okay, while there are a few things that we can universally agree were GOOD this past year, like say the boygenius EP, or Tierra Whack’s “Whack World”, the contents of these lists can appear kind of samey after you’ve perused a handful, especially from the bigger online publications. Yes. That is true. I agree with you…but I live in hope. No matter how samey they seem to get after even reading through 2 or 3, I am one of those people who takes the time to do it anyway. Not just so I can talk shiz about why a particular record should or shouldn’t be there ( mostly the latter), but also because maybe, just maybe, I’ll stumble upon something I haven’t heard before. There’s usually at least one exceptional oddball lurking amongst the familiar picks on these lists…but okay, wouldn’t it be way cooler if we lived in a world where these lists didn’t look anything like one another? One where there was no consensus on what was “good”? Where all the picks were all as weird, personal and WTF as they could possibly be? Imagine how deep the discovery rabbit hole could get then. Okay, that is probably an f-ing insane nerd thing to say, but we’ve gotta follow our hearts around here. And with that as our driving force, here is the official PuR Top Songs of 2018 Playlist! It contains 66 heart-swellingly beautiful songs, each of which has been at the top of the charts here at PuR at some point over the past 12 months, which is to say they aren’t in any particular order. Also the “66” has nothing to do with Satan. It’s just that 100 songs always feels like way too much and whittling the list down to 50 proved to be an impossible task.  Or maybe it was Satan being a wise guy, it’s been that kind of a year. Anyway I truly hope you find it weird and maybe wonderful and that you stumble upon a song you have a deranged yet passionate affair with or at least discover an artist who gets you.

And THANKS to all these wonderful artists for all of these kick ass beautiful songs. Don’t stop. And THANKS to you for reading this far now or at any point during 2018. You are all songs of the year. THANK YOU.

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  • Please note while each list is 66 glorious songs long, they are slightly different as not all songs are available on both streaming services ( just a few !)…which means you should check out both so you don’t miss anything !

Weekly New Wonders Playlist !


We are working hard over here to put together our BEST SONGS OF THE YEAR PLAYLIST but that won’t get in the way of calling out the latest and greatest in new stuff…okay that is a lie, it totally did which is why there hasn’t been a Weekly New Wonders Playlist for the past couple of weeks. As a result this one here is pretty overfed and so it may require both the commute to and from work, and/or the entire wash and dry cycle to listen to in it’s entirety…but I swear it’s worth it as features some exceptional pop music, promise. And with that here it is…you can listen on Spotify or Soundcloud and please note, lists are slightly different as not all songs are available on each service, so take a peek at both so you don’t miss anything.

Soundcloud is here :

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