Weekly New Wonders Playlist !


Axl Rose was (in)famous for his being pathologically late for Guns N’ Roses shows back in their early 90’s heyday. As in your ticket might’ve said “Guns N’ Roses Civic Arena 8pm” but you wouldn’t actually be hearing “Paradise City” until maybe midnight. This was (allegedly) because he needed mental preparation time before shows, as he had to be in a particular head before he could go out to perform. Until he knew he could complete the show, could confirm that he could in his mind, he couldn’t officially start it. I am not defending this behavior, it was all kinds of f-d up and resulted in a lot of mess. Which is to say I “Axl Rose’d” on the Weekly New Wonders Playlist over the past 2 weeks, as in there hasn’t been one until now. Yeah, stuff got in the way, but no worries for here is the latest and greatest all ready to perform. As a result of the delay it’s a slight bit longer than usual (a lot of raindrops can fall in 2 weeks) so you can you use it to soundtrack your trip both there and back . And you can listen on Spotify or Soundcloud. And please note the usual : lists are slightly different as in all songs aren’t available on both services, so yeah, PLEASE check out both for maximum coverage, don’t want you to miss anything. Take me home…




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