Weekly New Wonders Playlist


This past week I had an actual dream where Mariah Carey and I decided to drive around Long Island, where we both grew up, and revisit our old haunts. No, we didn’t pick up fellow “Strong Islanders” Billy Joel or Chuck D along the way, it was just us. Can’t remember what I ate that would’ve caused this fantastical vision, and it didn’t inspire me to throw on a Mariah record the next morning. In all honesty the last Mariah record I voluntarily listened to was…okay, it was the “Glitter” soundtrack about 10 trillion years ago…I recollect liking a song on it…okay, that was “Never Too Far”. Anyway, it was weird but we think about pop music 24/7 around here and that includes slumber time. And with that in mind here are even more swell new tunes to soundtrack your best dreams. You can listen on Soundcloud or Spotify below…




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