Weekly New Wonders Playlist !


It’s raining, raining, raining in NYC and there’s actually a cool breeze happening which, after what feels like weeks of solid unbearable heat, is an absolute blessing. During those aforementioned weeks I found myself endlessly listening to and watching “fake” rain. Or rather, watching the endless supply of “rain videos”, in all their manipulative hypnotic glory on YouTube. There it is, falling on leaves, rocks, forest paths, highways and streams. For hours and hours. Listening to “fake” rain instead of listening to actual music…but thankfully there’s a breeze and now less of a need or impulse to do that and there’s a whole lotta FINE NEW MUSIC to take it’s place (for you, me and everyone). Okay, so enjoy the latest Weekly New Wonders Playlist right here. You can listen on Spotify or Soundcloud below. Dig in…

Spotify here:

Soundcloud here:

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