Weekly New Wonders Playlist !


They just don’t make truly disgusting candy like Lik-m-aid anymore ( pronounced “lickamaid”). I’m not talking about the taste, I’m referring to the means by which you actually ate this stuff. It came packaged in 3 fold out parts. There were 2 pouches of “fruit” flavored sugar (and I do mean sugar, it was literally colored powder in each pouch) and a single pouch containing a candy stick with which to eat the powder. How do you get tiny grains of sugar to stay on a thin stick with no spoon at the end to catch them ? That’s right : you lick it. Your saliva acts as the disgusting natural adhesive get the fruity powder into your mouth. Absolutely disgusting yes … yet completely wonderful and mesmerizing in it’s grossness… and know what, I’d willingly ingest every pouch now if I could…anyway, here is some glorious new music : Welcome to the Weekly New Wonders Playlist, the latest in  #1 songs from an alternate universe. I feel the same way about these songs as that kid on the package does about his Lik-m-aid: “Taste It ! Wow!”.

You can listen on Soundcloud or Spotify right here:




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