Tierra Whack Just Needs 15 Minutes of Your Time…

Screenshot 2018-06-01 19.43.57

Tierra Whack’s “Whack World” is the punk rock ( in song length), quiet storm fever dream (in sound), kitchen sink demented ( the visuals) album of the year, which is to say holy lord, there is nothing even remotely like it. There are 15 one minute songs. Each song has it’s own video. Each video possesses it’s own singular thematic weirdness. You will see and hear Lonely Tierra, Lovesick Tierra, Diva Tierra, and Dead Tierra amongst others. It features sock puppets, an Uno deck house of cards, terrifying fried food at midnight with losers, a cable tv repairman and a grapefruit. Tierra says “When I was sick ain’t nobody go to CVS”, “Wish he had a remote just to control me”, “Music is in my Billie Jeans” and “I wrote this cuz I feel ten feet tall”. She’s being modest: Tierra, you are 100 feet tall.

Watch the brilliant insanity here :

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