The Guest List…with Cherophobiac

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Welcome to our newest blog addition, The Guest List, featuring playlists made by artists responsible for some of our favorite music this year, spotlighting the tracks that have inspired, crushed, and sustained them. Our latest playlist is from Alexandra Sullivan aka Cherophobiac who released one of THE BEST ALBUMS OF 2018 thus far, Surgery. Take it away girl…

Hello World!

I’ve created a playlist for you called ‘d e s t r o y e r’ – and it’s full of songs that kill me/break my heart/offer me catharsis… and, generally, destroy me (in a good way!). I’ve worn these songs out listening to each of them over and over again, and they still remain the songs that make me feel the most. I tried to order them in a way that cycles through different layers of ‘destruction’ (and that sounded good to me).

Some songs from the playlist that are particularly close to my heart as I write this: ‘Erica Western Teleport’ by Emperor X (it has been for about three years), ‘Saturday Come Slow’ by Massive Attack (“Do you love me?”), ‘Over The Ocean’ by Here We Go Magic (the album that this song comes from, ‘A Different Ship,’ is probably my favorite album to date), ‘Siren Song’ by Bat For Lashes (this song is just about my definition of a ‘destroyer’), and ‘Advice’ by (Sandy) Alex G (it took me about two weeks to decide whether to include ‘Advice’ or ‘Change’ from his album ‘Trick’…)

I hope that you enjoy all of these songs as much as I do, and I hope that they destroy you as much as they destroy me.”

“d e s t r o y e r” by Cherophobiac


And here is the beauteous Cherophobiac Surgery album

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