The Guest List…with Mute Choir


Welcome to our newest blog addition, The Guest List featuring playlists made by artists responsible for some of our favorite music this year, spotlighting the tracks that have inspired, crushed, and sustained them. Our latest playlist is from heavenly popmeister  Mute Choir , take it away Sam :

“Most of the music I love and am inspired by consists of one of two elements: raw honest great songwriting, and exploration and experimentation within the music that pushes the envelope. As a songwriter and a producer these are generally what really catches me. Every song and artist in this playlist to me contains either one or both of those traits.”

Here’s the Playlist ! :

And please take a listen below to the latest, lustrous offering from Mute Choir, “Minefield”…and hey, as an added bonus, reposting one of our faves,”Behind the Bars”  because it’s just such a beauty :

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