The Guest List…with Scuba Dvala


Welcome to our newest blog addition, The Guest List featuring playlists made by artists responsible for some of our favorite tracks this year. We are kicking things off with Scuba Dvala aka Fredrik Bergstrand who is responsible for one of the finest, most swoon-worthy pop songs of 2018, “Anthill”. And with that here is one truly plush and poptastic playlist. Take it away Fredrik…

“For this playlist, I wanted to limit myself to songs released in 2018. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know where to begin or end. It’s a good representation of what inspires me right now. Melodies are super important but I’m also drawn to the sounds, textures, and harmony. Music is escapism and that is probably why I love the dreamy stuff. I think this type of music is made by, and for introverts like me.”

And here is the wondrous “Anthill” if you haven’t checked it out yet ! :

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