Cherophobiac “Prayer Hands”

The best records are always tinged with sorrow. “Prayer Hands” is a slightly spacey electro piano ballad featuring a truly warm and handsome vocal, that lands somewhere between Radiohead’s underrated and utterly wonderful”Moon Shaped Pool”, and Kate Bush’s “Aerial” ( this album keeps surfacing as a particular artist influence lately, more so than “Hounds of Love”, which is kind of amazing and well-deserved ). And with that meet Alexandra Sullivan, aka Cherophobiac, whose debut album “Surgery”, from which “Prayer Hands” is drawn, is a darkly revealing, brutally honest and innately melodic place. There is an overarching theme to the album but don’t want to spoil it here, just gonna recommend with every fiber that you take a listen to the whole thing below. If you hate the rain, love daylight savings time or don’t like your songs, albums or bands to be “too depressing”, you probably won’t be into this…but if you are open to traveling down to the dark places, you’ll be rewarded with something really, really beautiful .

Listen here:

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