Month: April 2018

Weekly New Wonders Playlist !

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Yep, there are many new distractingly beautiful tunes within the Weekly New Wonders playlist this week to miss your stop or exit or floor to. You can listen on either Soundcloud or Spotify but please note lists are ever so slightly different due to not all songs being available in both places, and so check ’em both out if you don’t want to miss anything !

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Weekly New Wonders Playlist !


Here’s some wickedly wonderful new music to make your heart beat faster, or in other words here is the Weekly New Wonders PlaylistYou can listen on Soundcloud or Spotify : links supplied below ! Onward ! …and seriously, hope you dig ’em !

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Weekly New Wonders Playlist !


It’s that time again, welcome to the Weekly New Wonders playlist featuring some fine new music to inspire you to keep breathing. You can listen on Soundcloud or Spotify but please note the playlists are slightly different due to song availability on each…which means you should listen to both so you don’t miss anything. Take it away…

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Sub Rosa “let it slide” and “Gone Girls”

These 2 beautifully muddy, woozy, hook laden new songs from Sub Rosa ( formerly known as Lovebuzz) spin and swirl, and sound like long lost cousins of the gorgeous “Sunship Balloons” by Flaming Lips. Striking and swoon-worthy, both tracks are basically the aural equivalent of a sun shower and as such are outrageously fine.


Sophia Danai “Come Thru”

Not sure how to describe this. On the one hand it’s classic desperate old school soul, on the other it’s some weird, off kilter, electronic blues ballad. Mostly though, it’s like a really pissed off version of the old standard “Blue Moon”. With her heart on her sleeve, Sophia’s gigantic voice fills every corner of the empty space as she aggressively pulls the song along behind her, rasping and swearing and telling it like it is, and it’s odd and cool and just kind of kicks ass.

The Soul That Saved Me…


“These are BABY records”

So declared my 11 year old step brother to my 10 year old self as he thumbed through my meagre record collection in my blue shag carpeted bedroom many years ago. And he had a point I suppose. My favorite albums at the time were most certainly the soundtracks to Disney’s Bedknobs & Broomsticks and The Aristocats with Free to be You and Me running a close third. I was instantly humiliated but I had to attempt some kind of defense. And so I fired back with “Well what records do YOU have ?”, trying to take the focus off me, now officially the baby. “Chicago and Elton John…” he smugly declared.  I ingeniously/pathetically followed up with “Oh…so uh what’s your favorite song? “. He sneered and said “Butterflies are Free“. Okay. What he’d meant to say was “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” (Elton John). That “butterflies” line is just a repeated refrain in the song that even with my limited knowledge of pop music at the time, was well known to me, since it was always on the radio… but I didn’t have the guts to correct him since I’d already lost the larger battle ( I will now: it’s called “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” asshole, duh). He then laugh snorted defiantly as he spotted my worn and obviously played to death Sesame Street “Original Cast” lp. Great.


“This is the greatest album of all-time” – direct quote from a 10 year baby

That little interaction made a huge impression on me (in a bad way) but it changed nothing. I liked what I liked and there was nothing I could do about it. I couldn’t fight it. While I listened to the radio and was aware of pop music names and songs ( see Elton reference above !), my knowledge was gleaned solely from being a passenger in my Mom’s car and just being captive to whatever she had on. And sadly I gravitated toward the questionable : Sammy Davis Jr.’s “The Candy Man” is the first song I ever remember loving and…I still love it. Leave me alone.


I swear this record was sprinkled with love and made the world taste good…

To the modern youth of today it would appear I was in a state of arrested development, 10 years old and the top records in my rotation and consciousness were, okay one more time, baby records. That was true…but the tide was about to turn. There was something stirring in my blood just waiting to be woken up. And it did suddenly and unexpectedly in the aforementioned back seat of the car on the way to the supermarket which is when I first heard “Nothing From Nothing” by Billy Preston. Billy Preston was a child piano prodigy, whose skills and reputation grew as he did, to the point where he was backing everyone from Little Richard to Sam Cooke, and led to his becoming, literally, the fifth Beatle during their tumultuous latter years of existence ( that’s him on the organ in “Let It Be” and the electric keys on “Get Back”). I knew none of this at the time and it wouldn’t have meant a damn thing to me even if I had. All I knew was “Nothing from Nothing” ruled. I liked the banging piano riff, the chorus, the bounce of the whole thing. Here’s Billy faking it (lip-synching) and shaking it on Soul Train:

And so began my first step into musical adulthood : “Mom, can you get me the Billy Preston album with “Nothing From Nothing” on it ” ? And so on my birthday, she did ( you rule too Mom), and I finally came of musical age.

First impressions of The Kids & Me album, home to my beloved “Nothing…”  : That cover ( see at top ). Billy’s laughing face. His glowing ring. The mysterious paper he’s looking at. The peace loving kids. Honestly it’s still one of my favorite sleeves of all-time. As for the record itself well,uh… it was slick and funky and fun but if I’m being honest it was really home to only one killer (“Nothing”) and a whole lotta filler. Plus there was one song on it that gave me the genuine creeps. It was called “John the Baptist” and joyfully mentioned Jesus and baptism which I sensed as a Jewish kid (albeit an “un-practicing” one) that I probably shouldn’t be bending an ear to. See, religious things scared me and this John the Baptist guy seemed like some kind of boogeyman who was trying to get me and if I played the song, he ultimately wouldI would run to the turntable to skip it every time it came on. I wish I could explain this, but like some imaginary monster in the closet, there was no logical reasoning that could be applied.

Still, once Billy entered my life, the baby record years ended. Billy had thrown a ladder down to me and I climbed up and never looked back (well mostly, like I mentioned, I still love “Candy Man” and it’s something I just have to live with). AM radio, Soul Train, Creem Magazine, Casey Kasem’s Top 40 and The Beatles, well Billy kind of took my hand and led me down that thrilling pop hallway.

As for the man himself, after the Kids… album, he remained in demand as a session musician, most prominently with the Stones, while continuing to pursue a solo career. He went on to have a huge hit in 1979 with Syreeta called “With You I’m Born Again” which as love ballads go is oddly mournful but remains an unerringly lovely thing.

Sadly Billy passed away in 2006 at the too young age of 59 ( as did beautiful Syreeta, his duet partner on “Born” and a wonderful artist in her own right, in 2004 at 57). He had some well-documented troubles and personal challenges but I’m not going to recount all that here, just know the deeper story is out there if you are interested in knowing more about his life.

“Nothing from Nothing” is still a fun and funky song but I rarely put it on. And though I’d like to say Kids… is one of my favorite albums of all-time, it’s not….but then neither are The Aristocats or Bedknobs, or Free to Be. Still, Billy will always have a special place in my heart: he ushered me into the pop/soul/everything musical universe and yeah, truth be told, helped my ears to finally grow up….and so eternal thanks Billy, gonna end this with a little fire…

Cherophobiac “Prayer Hands”

The best records are always tinged with sorrow. “Prayer Hands” is a slightly spacey electro piano ballad featuring a truly warm and handsome vocal, that lands somewhere between Radiohead’s underrated and utterly wonderful”Moon Shaped Pool”, and Kate Bush’s “Aerial” ( this album keeps surfacing as a particular artist influence lately, more so than “Hounds of Love”, which is kind of amazing and well-deserved ). And with that meet Alexandra Sullivan, aka Cherophobiac, whose debut album “Surgery”, from which “Prayer Hands” is drawn, is a darkly revealing, brutally honest and innately melodic place. There is an overarching theme to the album but don’t want to spoil it here, just gonna recommend with every fiber that you take a listen to the whole thing below. If you hate the rain, love daylight savings time or don’t like your songs, albums or bands to be “too depressing”, you probably won’t be into this…but if you are open to traveling down to the dark places, you’ll be rewarded with something really, really beautiful .

Listen here:

Weekly New Wonders Playlist !

Savior 3

Back again with the latest installment of the Weekly New Wonders Playlist. I drew an analog super hero to go with it above, and I seriously don’t know why, though there are as many good songs this week as there are valves, plugs and wires in his back, which is to say, there are a lot. You can listen on Soundcloud or Spotify and please note that the lists are ever so slightly different as not all songs are available on Spotify as of this writing. Okay, let’s go…

Soundcloud Playlist:

Spotify Playlist:

Fergus “You or Nothing”

Spare, somber, and so delicate it feels like it could shatter into a million pieces at the slightest touch, “You or Nothing” is a Sufjan Stevens-esque lament consisting of a single guitar and Fergus’s yearning, otherworldly and gender transcending voice and it’s pretty exceptional.

Ambedo “Keep It Together”

Go back in time

Lean, melodic and in possession of a particularly sweet, and instantly memorable synth line, “Keep It Together” feels like it’s fallen straight out of 1985 i.e. it’s got that same sheen that lives in every lustrous Scritti Politti ballad from back then, right down to the helium infused vocal. Shiny and lovely.