TH Da Freak “Thickhead”

Okay for a couple of seconds this caused Locals H’s 1996 hit “Bound for the Floor” to re-enter my consciousness ( honestly, the title of that song should be officially changed to “The Copacetic Song” at this point, since that’s what everyone calls it because no one can ever remember the real title…including me, I had to look it up). Anyway, it kind of sounded like that, until it didn’t. The melody made a hairpin turn, and everything started to swirl and make me dizzy. The vocal is literally an echo and is nearly smothered by a woozy, whining, power-pop guitar. There are “oohs” and “ahhhhhs”…and it’s just, well it could make you sigh and truly forget the world for a minute ( especially if you play it loud). It’s off the forthcoming album, “The Hood”, which is out in 2 weeks, and this is a blessed omen i.e. judging by this, sounds like it’s gonna be good.



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