Willows “It’s Always You” featuring Ran.feri

Come on along as Willows, aka Ariel Rodriguez, takes us on a truly epic journey. “It’s Always You” is a rattling, perilous freight train one minute, and a spare skeletal ballad the next, the last 30 seconds sounding literally like 2 songs playing at once… and good lord, if it doesn’t somehow sound completely glorious. Anyhow, this one is a bit of an all-star game, as in a lot of teams are represented, as in you can’t really attach a singular tag to it : it’s intermittently math, then power pop, then emo ( synth pop even makes a cameo appearance, seriously) and it’s basically all of them pogoing together in the same room. And a nod of praise to the raw and lustrous guest vocal from Ran.feri which lands somewhere between Nothing and Fucked Up, and is just kind of perfect .

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