Bloxx “Coke”

Bloxx are described in their bio as a “4-piece indie band from London”. True enough but what they really are is a f*cking great “4-piece indie band from London”. The situation “Coke” relates is full of frustration, regret, and resignation, but it’s all enveloped in a swirling, sticky, swampy guitar line ( which reminded me for a second of the ravishing “Slide Away” by Oasis), and blessed with a singalong chorus, and as such, is nearly impossible to evict from your head once you’ve heard it.

And there’s more where that came from featured below. Make sure to check out the snarling and kicking “Curtains”, the stuttering, airborne pop of “You”, and the he’s an arse, you should be with me anthem “Your Boyfriend”. All are exceptionally fine.

Lastly, here’s a little “Coke” live, and yeah, it’s really, really good :


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