Blessings from the Beach Boys…

Here’s a geeky question for you. Ready ?.. because I’m telling you it’s really geeky… okay, so what would your “dream band” sound like ? The one that would encapsulate everything you love in the musical universe in every way ? Vocals, sound, songs, everything.

04 beachboys1967HAV

I love hearing people’s answers to this because they are usually weird, awesome, and distressing all at the same time. I’ve sadly spent many waking hours pondering this question, out loud even, and came to the realization that my mythical band would sound something like Chaka Khan, or Gladys Knight fronting the Beach Boys circa 1966-1973. It shouldn’t surprise that I’m still waiting for this unicorn to arrive.  Okay, I had a false alarm a few years back when Laura Mvula first came onto the scene. She had the voice, and there were some Brian Wilson-esque flourishes production-wise on her debut LP, and my childish hopes were raised for a second…but no, as sweet as it was in parts, it just wasn’t it. And so, in the interim, I’ve  had to make do with other stuff . Maybe “make do” is a bad way to put it, as there are some beautiful, singular songs that have surfaced over the years, that have been touched by that Wilson genius ( not just Brian’s, but Dennis’s too), proudly wear their hearts on their sleeves, and are completely wonderful, and cool, and worth getting lost in.

Here’s a playlist called, “Beach Boy-esque”, and I ask that you forgive me on that title. It’s been in my I-Tunes with that name for ages, because basically, that’s what every song in it is. It’s full of tracks that have that influence, that feel, that signature Wilson thing, and sound great on headphones, long drives, or during crying sessions ( basically all the normal activities Beach Boys music is utilized for in life). There are some truly beautiful things out there, so have a listen, and hey, if anyone out there has any recommendations, I wanna know a.s.a.p. !

Click on the link below for the


p.s. I wanted to include songs from Lewis Taylor’s “The Lost Album”, which is basically the sound of a one man British-Soul-Beach Boys, and is gorgeous. It isn’t on Spotify or YouTube as of this writing, but here’s a pic, and I highly recommend tracking it down: it’s amazing.

lewis taylor lost cover


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