Introduction: “You’re a disc 2 person”

At some point, during my record buying life, I realized there was a significant short in my internal wiring, that resulted in my preferring the “wrong” album, or song, by a band. The critically panned one. The overly ambitious, artistic statement one. The drowned in strings one. The keeping up with the production techniques of the time one. When everyone, and their mother started releasing multi-disc cd compilations in the 90’s, one of my record store co-workers derisively, and geekily referred to me as a “disc 2 person”. Meaning, I didn’t like the youthful, vibrant perfection of the “early stuff”, but sadly preferred what was regarded as the sanitized, commercial, artistic void of the later stuff, when the fire had gone out, and the creativity had dried up. In other words, when the band supposedly sucked. It was true. I was a “disc 2 person”. It was something I had no control over.
Over the years though, I blessedly discovered that I was not alone, that there were a lot of disc 2’s out there, actual humans who preferred the “difficult” second album, or the well-intentioned, but failed attempt to “go back to our roots” album.
Picking Up Rocks is a home for beloved obsessions, where we’ll offer you amazing things that were maybe overlooked during their own era, or have been forgotten over time, or were written off for being uncool. Lost albums. Lost songs. Lost artists… but HEY, HEY, not only gonna be shining a spotlight on stuff to reconsider, but offering up lots of new bands, and songs that it would be worth meeting for the first time.
…so yeah, c’mon and let’s (re)discover …

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