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Weekly New Wonders Playlist #20 of 2022

Keeping it simple today with a single pigeon who kept me company whilst waiting for a bike repair recently. There is a quirky Paul McCartney song from 1973 called “Single Pigeon” and as a full-blown Macca nerd, of course, that was the first thing I thought of as I looked up and saw this friend. By the way, “Single Pigeon” is one of the wondrous Aldous Harding’s favorite songs of all time, like for real ( please watch this). Anyway, it’s always cool when real life aligns with a solo McCartney deep cut from the seventies. It happens more often than you’d think….though, hell, it’s possible I’m so obsessed and those songs are so ingrained in my soul, that making these types of Macca-related connections is just me being weird. Still, work with me here and celebrate this ‘Single Pigeon”.

It’s now time for some beautiful sounds. Welcome to the latest WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST featuring the finest, foxiest new songs that have crossed our path over recent days. It’s a hefty two weeks’ worth and I know I always say this, but it really is full of treasures. Listen below on Soundcloud or Spotify.

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