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Weekly New Wonders Playlists !


Here’s a baby fruit bat just because. Also here are a couple of shiny new playlists featuring some handsome September songs, plus a couple of rediscovered oldies that are more than ready to get immersed in. They are unusually hefty because hey, it’s been a good month ! As usual there’s some stuff that is only on Soundcloud, and some that is only on Spotify, so there are playlists for each to catch all the raindrops.

Here’s the Soundcloud playlist:

And here is Spotify:

Weekly New Wonders Playlists !


Here are August’s ( so far) Playlists ! Featuring some fine things that surfaced this month (and before that) , compiled neatly together, to bend an ear to. There are songs we haven’t talked about, and a few we have, and they are all mighty fine.

Below you will find links for both a Soundcloud and a Spotify playlist. Why both ? Well,  some of the tracks on Soundcloud are not currently offered on Spotify, and we don’t want anything to fall through the cracks! In other words, it’s worth checking ’em both out so you don’t miss discovering something special. Go on now and introduce yourself…

Soundcloud link:

Spotify link:

Weekly New Wonders Playlist !


Yes, this duckling is being used as a shameless device to get your attention so you’ll maybe read this post…anyway, here are some wonderful things, gathered neatly in playlists, all together in one place, that we’ve featured, or just discovered, to bend an ear to. This is going to be a regular thing, and we promise to compile it every month on both Spotify, and Soundcloud, just because, well, we want you to hear, and are trying to make it really easy ( and not every track is in both places dammit) ! Hope you dig…

Listen here ! :

Or here ! :