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Bizou “Call of the Wild”

A windswept, fist pumping AOR goth anthem that brings to mind Pat Benatar, Heart, and Siouxsie all at once (an equation we can really get behind), this kind of empowering, dark, big chorus’ed pop is a welcome bad influence in these days of electronic emo top 40 swill…which is to say it’s big and powerful and kicks a whole lotta ass.

Weekly New Wonders Playlist !


It’s a bit of a weird week as in there wasn’t the overwhelming log jam of great new songs that we’ve been used to seeing over the course of 2018…which is to say this weeks playlist of amazing music is a bit shorter than usual but is still full of brilliant things. You can listen on Soundcloud or Spotify but be aware that lists are ever so slightly different as one of the tracks isn’t yet available on Spotify as of this writing. Rock on…

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Magic City Hippies “Gunslingers”

Time is slipping away but no one’s giving up in the candy-coated cloud of “Gunslingers”. Opening with a semi-cheesy lounge keyboard, then morphing into some sinewy slightly trippy soul, ultimately concluding on a big fat bed of “yeah yeaaaaahs”, something  sweet is happening here. The band is from Miami which means Florida is now officially responsible for the 2 best songs called “Gunslingers” that we’ve ever heard ( the other being Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers “Two Gunslingers” i.e. very good company).

Weekly New Wonders Playlist !


Here’s some of the coolest pop music, discovered over the past week or so, to inhale. Welcome to the Weekly New Wonders playlist. Please note, this is another one of those weeks when a good handful of tracks are only available on Soundcloud and not Spotify as of this writing so imploring you to head to Soundcloud first so you don’t miss anything ( one of those handful could be your next true love after all) !

Listen on Soundcloud:

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Shormey “Cruise!”

There is something special about “Cruise!” I can’t quite put my finger on. It’s like some weird combination of Toro Y Moi, a faceless old disco 12″ from 1979 you’d find in a random pile of records and a lost Brenda Fassie ( late legendary Diva) bootleg from the 80’s. It’s hazy and catchy and a little bit weird and sounds like nothing else I’ve heard today. Shormey exults us all to “Cruise!” in the quietest way possible and it’s damned near impossible not to be charmed.

Hold “Time”

The Clash were always expert at intertwining the sour with the sweet, telling stories, and conveying sights no matter how unpleasant or challenging they were, and making them “palatable” for the masses i.e. making them pop. “Time” by Hold sounds not unlike a classic Mick Jones led track off of 1980’s “Sandinista!”: cuttingly critical and observational, radiating frustration ( in this case after a conversation with an overt racist) but paradoxically served up in a melodic blanket. It’s completely infectious exasperation.

Baby Jey “Someday My Space Cowboy Will Come”

Sweetly dizzy and hallucinogenic, all about waiting for that thing to happen, “Someday…” is a living fever dream and it’s difficult to resist it’s lush and tuneful charm. Yeah, it’s kind of funny, as any song specifically referencing a jalapeño in it’s first verse generally would be, but it also sports the line “If the breeze is right dead leaves will come alive”, which is ridiculously poetic.

Weekly New Wonders Playlist !


Hey, here’s the latest in exceptional new music, ’tis the Weekly New Wonders playlist. There’s a lot to absorb but I swear there are some quality vitamins in here that will do you good, so please indulge all the way. Going forward, in addition to the full aforementioned playlist, we’re going to do a “Best of the Wonders” (or something like that) at the end of each month featuring the Top 6 so be on the lookout for that soon.

And wait, one more Important Notice !! : the Soundcloud playlist is 7 songs longer because those tracks are not yet available on Spotify, so for this week gonna especially encourage you to check out the former so you don’t miss anything ! Onward…

Soundcloud is here:

Spotify is here:


Margot “Tired”

Understated, winding and turning, shimmering and pretty, “Tired” is basically a sigh in song form.  There’s a line within it that goes “Oh God, won’t you get off your phone and tell me how you feel. I’m tired”, which just about sums it all up. The guitar within somehow manages to both chime and sound utterly defeated and it all makes for something exceptionally fine.

Johnny Payne “Lazy Love”

“Lazy Love” is the long lost cousin, or modern day offspring (take your pick), of Nilsson’s “The Moonbeam Song” and Gilbert O’Sullivan’s legendary ” Alone Again (Naturally)”, the latter being one of the darkest # 1 songs ever, which is to say it sounds like it’s wistfully wandered into 2018 straight out of 1971. Plush and simple, awash in sorrowful sun going down strings, and starring both drums and guitars that literally cry, it’s taken from Johnny’s forthcoming ep, and is a fantastically sweet thing.