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Weekly New Wonders Playlist !


It’s impossible not to be hypnotized by this “Yoda” Fruit Bat, I mean the whiskers, the smirk, the knowing glint in the eyeballs, he’s just an absolute God/lunatic…but I digress. Here are this week’s Weekly New Wonders Playlists and oh man 2018 continues to gift us musically. Also attaching a couple of links below to 2 recent albums that are really fine and absolutely worth hearing and holding close as well, namely Shamir’s “Resolutions” and Soccer Mommy’s “Clean”. As for the playlists, you can listen on either Soundcloud or Spotify, links below !

Soundcloud Playlist:

Spotify Playlist:

And these 2 albums are so damn good….

Shamir “Resolutions” :

Soccer Mommy “Clean”:

Thyla “I Was Biting”

Gonna make this into one long sentence because that’s how relentless this song is: “I Was Biting” is a gigantic, continually ascending monster featuring an all consuming vocal from Millie Duthie (kinda reminiscent of wonderful Annabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow), with guitar, bass and drums pushed right up to the front of the stage and is completely restless, anthemic and kick ass and a reminder that maybe progress hasn’t actually set us free but pushed us all into a corner of surveilled sameness …which is to say yes, it kinda rules.

Ellie Schmidly “Where To Begin”

“Where To Begin” is eccentric. It’s constructed like a classic Dionne Warwick track as written by the legendary Bacharach and David but is simultaneously punctuated with the kind of melodic twists commonly found in tunes by sonically ambitious 60’s auteur Jimmy Webb …until the chorus that is, which is marked with a crunchy, singular guitar riff and Ellie’s delicate, mournful vocal wafting over the top. Then it turns again and is taken over by a wistful, horn driven, semi-orchestral break. And it runs over 5 minutes. It all adds up to something weirdly beautiful: a pop song on the surface but with something a little off kilter at it’s center. It’s one epic widescreen oddball, and a really handsome thing.

Sarah Mary Chadwick “Sugar Still Melts in the Rain”

Good Lord. Pretty sure this one will be unlike anything you’ve heard today, and don’t know if I can describe it and do it true justice but okay….Sarah’s vocal is a complete and utter scenery chewer, occupying every inch of the song, leaving no oxygen whatsoever, a combination of an angsty Chrissie Hynde, a demented Beth Orton, and a drawling King Krule, sprinkled with some Bjork-ian inflections. It’s a desperate, mascara running, teetering on the edge of sanity, soul flayed open lament that sounds like it’s playing at the wrong speed. In other words, it’s amazing.

Weekly New Wonders Playlist !


Yes, that is a bird shaped cloud in Central Park I witnessed last winter. It was approximately 10 degrees out there and my hands were killing me but I had to capture that bird. And now I’m using it as a visual metaphor to represent this weeks otherworldly new songs because I am a cornball. For some reason there are more slow, contemplative songs this week than window shattering anthems but we all need to take a break sometimes. You can listen on Soundcloud or Spotify, and please note that the playlists are slightly different due to song availability on each service, so check ’em both out.

Soundcloud is here:

Spotify is here :

Weekly New Wonders Playlist !

Screenshot 2018-02-24 21.26.29

Oh yeah. Welcome to this weeks barrage of New Wonders. Once again it’s a candy store and we’re all kids. You can listen on Soundcloud and/or Spotify: we’ve got you covered. And in the words of Mr. P.R.Nelson, “life it ain’t real funky, unless it’s got that pop”…

Listen on the Soundcloud:


Listen on the Spotify:



Mellow Gang “Temps”

“Temps” is one giant, melodic, shoegazey tornado, all fat sad synth, and crying guitar twang spinning together under neon lights. And it features a positively monumental vocal from Harriet Joseph that’s sure to get you dizzy if you play it loudly. Utterly swoon-worthy and special.

Maria Kelly featuring Ailbhe Reddy “Threads”

A gorgeous collaboration/duet from 2 amazing artists in their own respective rights, “Threads” is the perfect evocation of complete and utter misery, which is to say, yes, it’s that good. All lopsided love, wasted hope and dust enveloped in delicate acoustics and distant playground sounds and…it’s just grim…yet utterly addictive and beautiful at the same time. It’s that old painful wisdom nugget in song form i.e. the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. Not a million miles from the fine Jessica Lea Mayfield in tone and timbre, it may take a couple of listens to succumb to it’s fragile airiness, but once you give in, it’ll stay with you for real.

Weekly New Wonders Playlist !

Screenshot 2018-02-17 22.39.46

Each week we assemble 2 playlists of what are meant to be the same tracks on Soundcloud and Spotify so you can listen where it’s most convenient…but this is one of those weeks where I’d recommend listening to the Soundcloud one because there are about 6 more songs there than are on the Spotify list ( they are tracks that are not yet available on Spotify).

No pressure but the missing tracks are really freakin’ good and don’t want you to miss anything…but leaving the decision in your hands…now go rock yourself.



Floor Eight “Plan H”

Okay, not sure what the hell this is. One minute it’s Steely Dan. The next Queen. Then suddenly, and I do mean suddenly, it’s Alice in Chains. Then it’s all of them at once. Basically it’s a song that’s ingested far more sugar than anyone should have in a day. The vocal is whiny, petulant and over the top, and there are about a billion hooks…and it’s ridiculously awesome. You’ve been warned.