Month: December 2019

Weekly New Wonders Playlist !

That legendary scene encapsulates how I feel every time I’m on Soundcloud. The chocolate never seems to stop and it feels utterly impossible to keep up with the number of songs being kicked out on a daily basis. I always think things will ease up in December, with everyone seemingly preoccupied with travel, the looming holidays, and the challenge of staying emotionally functional. But the song train never stops and so here we are, open 24 hours, with a shiny WEEKLY NEW WONDERS PLAYLIST featuring some extraordinarily handsome and beautiful songs that don’t care what time of year it is. Let her roll…

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PuR’s Top 50 Songs of 2019 !

hearty bird

The mission of Picking Up Rocks has always been the same, to shine a light on the best pop music regardless of label affiliation or level of fame or social media presence or perceived coolness…because who cares. A great song is a great song. And whenever we stumble upon a great song ( and there were a lot in 2019) we want to share it with you no matter if it was born in a garage, someone’s bedroom, a state of the art studio or a freakin’ treehouse !

Did that sound angry ? I swear it’s unintentional, guess I’m just weary of seeing the same songs mentioned on every year end list. Look, I genuinely like Lil Nas X, Lizzo and Billie Eilish. But know who released songs as good as theirs this year ? Kingsbury, Whitelands and The Hails. It’s okay if you haven’t heard all of them because that’s why we’re here, to both celebrate them and maybe introduce you if you haven’t.

I have listened to thousands upon thousands of songs this year because I am a crazy person who is always looking for a song to alter and upend the daily grind. Culling the master list down to the 50 best has been both nightmarish ( because there were lots of goods) and revelatory ( had forgotten just how good certain songs were) but we did it ! And so here they are, PuR’s TOP 50 SONGS OF 2019 ! 50 awesomely wonderful tracks by some equally wonderful artists all neatly arranged for you to listen on Soundcloud or Spotify ( links below). It’s my sincerest hope that you’ll discover something or someone within in who rocks your life and makes you swoon or at least say fuck yeah repeatedly.


Ready ? Okay then, here we go :