moonguys “The Weekend”

“The Weekend” is a jaunty lament which I know sounds impossibly contradictory but is truly what this is…and it’s as lovable and infectious as self-pitying gets. Contents include the line “I’d give anything to see myself the way you saw me then”, a name check for Thomas Pynchon, and a “request” be tortured with recaps of the aforementioned weekend, all whilst sounding like Tim Kasher from Cursive fronting Peter Bjorn and John. Basically all the nerd bases are covered here ( which this nerd appreciates) and it adds up to something pretty damn good.

And hey, please check out “Every Decision” below for some lovely, wistful Beach Boys “In My Room” style swoon material, which is also pretty exceptional.

  1 comment for “moonguys “The Weekend”

  1. raycejames
    July 17, 2018 at 9:50 pm

    Very nice review cleverly penned:-)


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